Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese

Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese

Okay, WOW…I Must say that I am really surprised with how this Vegan Recipe came out!!!
I didn’t invent this Vegan Ricotta Cheese recipe, nor the making process. It’s a very ancient process and similar to making ricotta from non-vegan milk.

With the same process, it would be possible to make ricotta from any other nut milk. So.. expect some updates later on from my very own private lab.

In the meantime, let us focus on our delicious vegan ricotta cheese recipe here! It’s super easy to make with only 5 basic ingredients, and the result is very similar to the original in flavor and texture.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese
Ricotta cheese from only 5 ingredients !!! Almonds, water, salt, apple cider vinegar and lemon peal. Thant's it!! You won't believe it is vegan.

what's needed in order to make vegan almond ricotta cheese

The steps are very simple. All you need in terms of tools are:

  • Powerful blender – for grinding the almonds and water to the smoothest texture.
  • Cheesecloth  – strain the almond milk mixture. We’ll use the cheesecloth twice in this process. First, strain the nut milk from the pulp after we blended it into a smooth milky liquid. For the second time, we’ll strain it once again after it has cooled down completely from the short simmering. 
  • Cheese mold – in order to create the shape of the cheese and to stabilize the vegan ricotta overnight. I know you can also get the Cheesecloth and the cheese mold at online stores like Amazon or eBay.

how to make vegan almond ricotta cheese

This recipe really takes no time. First, Blend the blanched almonds with the water in a blender for about 6 minutes or until a very smooth texture is obtained. The resulting liquid is then filtered through a cheesecloth into a container. Although we need only the almond milk for the Vegan Ricotta, I recommend keeping the remaining ground almond mixture. You can make a simply amazing Vegan Baked Almond Feta Cheese with it.  From the same amount of almonds, you have 2 different vegan kinds of cheese!

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Making The Almond Ricotta Cheese

making a vegan almond buttermilk

The resulting almond milk is very rich and tasty. Transfer it to a small saucepan with a pinch of salt and a piece of lemon zest. Add the vinegar and bring it to a gentle simmer for no more than 5 minutes. Remove from the heat, cover the pot, and allow the liquid to cool to room temperature. After it has cooled it can be seen that the reaction of the vinegar with the liquid has created a Solidification of the almond milk solids and those are floating on the surface. You just created vegan buttermilk! A really fun process to watch must note! At this point, we will transfer all the contents again to a clean cheesecloth and give it a rest of at least two hours.


Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese

After a couple of hours, you already have some kind of vegan cheese! The only thing left to do is transfer it to a plastic cheese mold to form the cheese and shape it overnight. The cheese mold with the mixture itself should be placed in a suitable container as the cheese may continue to migrate liquids. After a night in the fridge, you gonna have just the perfect Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese. This cheese would be good for fillings of different kinds of pasta, lasagna, vegan pizza, pastries, an excellent base for a cheesecake, and desserts. Did you make it? Tell me how it turned out and tag me on my IG page Cacao_Shamaness!!!

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese
Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese

Vegan Almond Ricotta Cheese

Vegan Creamy Ricotta Cheese made of almonds
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Cooling overnight 12 hours
Total Time 12 hours 10 minutes
Course Appetizer, Breakfast, cheese
Cuisine Italian, Vegan
Servings 8 Servings
Calories 120 kcal


  • High speed blender
  • Cheese cloth
  • Sauce pan
  • Ricotta cheese mold


  • 2 Caps Blanched almonds
  • 4 Caps Water
  • 3 Peals of lemon
  • 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar
  • Pinch of Salt


  • In a food processor or blender blend the almonds with the water for 5 minutes.
  • Pass the almond mixture through a cheese cloth to a container. for the ricotta cheese you need the almond milk. don't throw away the fiber that is left in the cloth, you can make almond feta cheese with it. the recipe is here
  • Pour the milk to a sauce pan add a bit of salt and the lemon peal and bring to a low simmer on the stove for 2 minutes.
  • Add the apple cider vinegar and stir for few more minutes
  • Remove from the stove and let cool to room temp
  • Once completely cool you should see that the milk started to curdle, pour the mixture again through a cheese cloth and let drain for at least 2 hours.
  • Take your ricotta cheese mold and and scoop the cheese from the cloth to the mold pressing really gently. place in a plastic container with a cover and chill over night.
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