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Hi! I'm Shani!

Welcome to my blog, and many thanks for visiting! My name is Shani, an Israeli born and raised, a foodie who has professional culinary training and is working my way through the world of plant-based cooking and baking.

Do you know this feeling? when you have just recently become vegan, you are showing up to a family meal, everyone is sitting around the table, You’re joining in and people look at you with a look of “… oh… what do we do with you?”
Or when the conversation starts and they ask “So… what do vegans eat?” And you’re shocked that they do not realize that half of what they eat is ..basically Vegan…
These are 2 main reasons out of a few more, that have pushed me to think of creating my own blog. Although there are hundreds and thousands of amazing food blogs and vegan blogs from all over the world out there, it seems that there is room for more. As long as people ask these questions.
The Vegan lifestyle is fairly new to me. Just a few years. Before that was I vegetarian for a while. Hence this blog will deal with vegan food recipes and lifestyle. Inherently existing foods and anything that tastes good. Some of the recipes will be classic recipes and some will be quick and easy dishes for a snack or lunch. Chunky pastries and desserts, and world foods. There will be recipes from everywhere and most importantly, foods that I feel like cooking right now and want to share with you. Whether you are vegan or not, the food will be delicious, healthy, and rich, and sometimes even decadent recipes for Cheat Day.

I have been cooking for many years now. from a very young age, as well as professionally in restaurants in recent years. I have traveled extensively abroad and was fortunate to have been exposed to various traditions and kitchens. I would like to explore and deepen my experience in cooking types of cuisines from all over the world in general and plant-based cooking and baking in particular.

The love for food I received mostly from my dad who loves to eat and always open to new flavors. He encouraged me quite often to taste and try new stuff. Especially these days that I’m making my strides in the vegan world, it’s so fun to see how he lovingly “taste test” the dishes I make and becomes passionate about. Every now and then when he gets excited about a new recipe I cooked he goes: “That’s it, I’m going Vegan!” And I’m laughing. I don’t think it’s going to ever happen to be honest, but who knows maybe he’ll surprise me.

I got the love of cooking from my dear and talented grandmothers. Hannah, from my father’s side, who will hopefully live for many years, is a cook of supreme grace. There is almost no type of cuisine she has not cooked in her life and very successful. Thanks to her, I was exposed to foods and cuisines from all over the world and had access to never-ending learning about dishes, raw ingredients, and the right way of prepping, cooking, and baking techniques. I only realized how extensive her knowledge was when I was going through my culinary training in a well-known institute in Israel.

Dina, my dear grandmother from my mother’s side, who sadly passed away in 2019, always cooked abundant foods and with lots of love. Although less open to new cuisines, she had always served very exciting flavors from her Moroccan cuisine and style. There were always hearty plates of foods on the table surrounded by dear people, family, and friends on holidays, and special occasions with whom I have precious memories.

And lastly, the one and only – my mom, whose in her ways I always try to take and learn, ways that always strives for perfection. She is an excellent cook with culinary education herself. Always encourages me to keep trying at all costs, to do better, to innovate, and continue to be creative.

This blog is dedicated to all those people, of course, my dear ones, my amazing family, friends from all over the world. to colleagues and chefs, to all teachers and guides, and of course to my dear readers. I am hopeful that with this blog I’ll be able to convey my memories and experiences through those flavors.

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