Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad

Vegan pasta pesto salad

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I love pasta salad so much! The kind that’s made with high-quality pasta and ingredients! This is perhaps my only salad recipe that doesn’t consist of fresh veggies but consists of ready-made pickled delicacies so that there isn’t an easier recipe than this. You would only need to cook the pasta according to the instructions, chop, season, and mix.

Of course, you can make very some of these ingredients homemade in advance, and there are recipes for them on the blog. You can also buy them if it’s easier for you. For this pasta recipe, I used Strozzapreti Shaped Durum Wheat Pasta, by Rummo number 88. It is simply the most perfect for a pasta salad of this type.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad with Homemade Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Ingredients for a vegan pasta pesto salad

  • Vegan Basil Pesto Sauce – If you were able to find a Store-Bought Vegan Pesto Sauce then it’s wonderful! And if not, then even better! Because my recipe is delicious, with no preservatives or weird ingredients, and preserved for a long time. Check the recipe out!
Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad with Homemade Vegan Mozzarella Cheese
  • Additionally, vegan pesto salad has toasted pistachios, seared Roman Artichokes – no need to sear, it is simply delicious😊
Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad with Homemade Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Vegan pasta pesto salad is a delicious and comforting light summer salad. It’s also very suitable for serving in a large sharing dish on the table. For me, it works as a whole meal because it is very rich, delicious and satisfying. This is a salad that goes well for brunch, lunch, and dinner! A very colorful and inviting salad and definitely recommended for any vegan feast.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad with Homemade Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad

A delicious vegan pesto pasta salad with romaine artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and homemade vegan mozzarella!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Making vegan mozzarella 20 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Appetizer, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Salad
Cuisine Italian, Vegan
Servings 5 Servings
Calories 591 kcal


  • Pot for cooking the pasta
  • Strainer
  • Mixing bowl


  • 250 gr Pasta Cooked, I used Strozzapreti by Rummo number 88.
  • 6 pc Roman artichokes Quartered
  • ½ Cup Sundried tomatoes Chopped
  • ½ Cup Kalamata olives Without the pits and halved
  • ½ Cup Toasted pistachios
  • ¾ Cup Vegan Pesto sauce About 150gr. Check the link to the recipe below.
  • 2 Tbsp. Nutritional yeast
  • 1 Tsp Sea salt
  • 1 Tsp Black pepper
  • 150 gr Vegan mini mozzarella cheese balls Optional. About 4-6 mini balls per serving. Check the link to the recipe below.


  • Make sure you have a vegan pesto sauce ready in advance. Visit here for a vegan pesto sauce recipe. In addition, click here if you want to make homemade vegan mozzarella balls on your own.
  • To toast pistachios, if they are not toasted already, preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Bake the pistachios while stirring every 5 minutes. You can also toast them on a pan over medium-high heat while stirring for about 10 minutes. Set aside to cool completely.
  • Cook the pasta according to the manufacturer's instructions on the back of the package. Or about 15 minutes in boiling water with a little salt.
  • Transfer the pasta to a strainer and rinse under cold water. Place the strainer over a pot so that all the water will be drained.
  • In a bowl, mix the pasta with the pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, Roman artichokes, kalamata olives, and the toasted pistachios.
  • Season with lemon, salt, black pepper, nutritional yeast, and mix.
  • Serve with vegan mozzarella cheese on top or vegan feta cheese. Enjoy!


  • You can replace vegan mozzarella cheese with vegan feta.
  • If you bought dried tomatoes and their size is large, make sure to chop them, as well as the artichokes.
  • You can replace the pistachios with walnuts or sunflower seeds or any nut you like. You can also add them all. From experience, pistachio is the most delicious for this salad.
  • For the caloric value of vegan mozzarella cheese check the recipe.
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