15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale

A quick recap for you, to have an idea of how improved your health could be, after adding “Kale” into your diet. 

If you have gained some weight during this Covid Lockdown period, then I don’t think there could be anything better than Kale, to add “bags of nutrients” to your diet and lose some pounds.

Cruciferous vegetable like Kale is exceptional food loaded with Vitamin-C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Calcium.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

"Queen of green Vegetables''

Many experts refer to kale as the “Queen of green Vegetables”. This nickname is due to the fact that it has many health benefits. Kale helps to maintain cholesterol, body weight and reduces the effects of hormonal changes. It has antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. These properties give a tough fight to many inflammatory problems. Among all the green options that exist, Kale is an immune bonus, especially in the winter season.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

Kale is a very low-calorie nutrient-dense food. Therefore, it is ideal for the generation who want to stick to a healthy diet. Also, Kale remains available throughout the year. With kale, people can dine on a healthy diet with kale, even if other healthy foods are not available in the market.

How can you add more Kale into your diet?

  • Kale can be cooked in boiling water for under five minutes. 
  • Don’t know how to prep, eat and add Kale into your diet? Check out some of the delicious and healthy Kale Recipes here in the blog. This means you guys don’t have to waste time thinking “what to cook & bake” because You can try Vegan Kale Caesar Salad Recipe, Mango Kale Smoothie Recipe, and others! 
  • Simply stir fry them! with veggies and add rice, quinoa, potatoes, and more.
  • Sautee kale in a little hot oil, like spinach, and make fillings out of it for quiches, pies, and Stuffed Patties.
Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

15 reasons to add Kale to your diet.

1. help fight the flu

Eating kale during flu seasons can help prevent catching it! The amount and variety of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin c, help fight or recover from free radicals and viruses.

2. A powerhouse of Nutrition

Kale is loaded with all the beneficial vitamins and nutrition which also widely uses in medical terms. Kale is the healthiest food on the Earth existence. It has vitamin K, vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, and more.

3. Deal with Depression

Kale helps people to feel optimistic as it contains phytonutrients molecules that uplift the mood and ward off depression. A psychiatrist at Columbia University says “eating kale frequently helped millions with the healthy gut”. Kale does contain carotenoid and omega-3 acids that help to fight against depression. So, next time you feel depressed, cook & bake kale vegan recipes to cheer up your mood.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

4. Diabetes Killer

Diabetes is caused when the glucose level reaches too high and the body stops producing insulin. By some researchers, Kale has been recommended for diabetic patients. As it contains Vitamin A, Manganese, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene. It also converts the food protein into sugar and controls blood sugar and cardiovascular injuries.

With such nutritional values, Kale was even added to the menu by many restaurants in the USA. Want to cook something Kale? Check out vegan taco kale salad Kale to help start a healthier eating habits.

5. Vitamin C and Kale

Vitamin C helps your skin to look brighter and younger. You will be glad to know that Kale is fully packed with vitamin C which helps in promoting healthy skin. Also, lower the bad cholesterol in the body. Also, it’s highly recommended to start eating Kale, if dealing with fatigue, bleeding gums, or any skin problems.

6. Healthy Bones

Kale strengthens bones and stops excess bleeding. People having blood clot problems could add Kale to their diet. As such a nutrient-dense food, with Vitamin K, it helps in fighting diabetes type-2.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

7. Detoxifier

Kale helps to remove the entire body toxin, thus prevent cyst problems, fights for Cancer, and helps in lose weight. Add kale into your life to detox your body and feel lighter!

8. Improves Brain Health

Kale contains Iron which helps in the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the only carrier that passes oxygen to every part of the body including the brain. 

9. Solve Digestion Problems

Leafy green foods are considered fibrous. Therefore, a weekly intake of Kale helps indigestion. Especially if consuming the stems. They are a rich source of prebiotics. You can make a Vegan Asian Kale Noodles Salad in 5 minutes. Check this recipe and enjoy!

10. The Perfect food for Healthy Moms-To-Be

Kale is a nutritious food great for pregnancy. For pregnant women, eating kale helps in delivering a healthy child.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

11. DNA & Kale-

Kale is a great source of ascorbic acid also known as Vitamin C which helps in protecting the DNA from any kind of damage.

12. Lose Weight-

You will be glad that Kale can help to reduce a few kilos in a month without a heavy gym. As it is low in calories and highly nutritional, it keeps your tummy full all day!

13. Fights with Cancer

Kale builds a strong immune system that helps in fighting cancer. No matter how you are adding KALE into your life (Smoothie or Salad) but these have been considered as a natural way of treating cancer. Make yourself a Vegan Kale, Chickpea, and Pickled Lemon Salad or Green Kale Smoothie to prevent any form of cancer.

14. Help Treat Heart Problems

Kale is a great source of Potassium which ultimately helps in preventing heart stroke. With these antioxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium, and B6, you can rest assure it will boost good heart health. People who consume more potassium a day suffer less from ischemic heart problems.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

15. When The Body Demands Antioxidants

Like the majority of leafy greens, Kale is also packed with antioxidant qualities. Simply adding Kale salads daily could counteract oxidative damage which is the reason behind aging. Nutrients like flavonoids, polyphenols, and kaempferol act as a powerful anticancer, anti-inflammatory substance present in Kale. So why wait? Bring Kale and start making healthy recipes from Kale.

Vegan Recipes Cacao-Shamaness 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Kale Blog Post

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