The 10-million lecture

The 10-million lecture

“By the time this lecture is over, 10 million animals will already be dead.”

The Vegan-Friendly Organization, an Israeli association that constantly promoting veganism and animal rights, surprised us again this year and brought us the “10-million lecture”. The 10 million lecture is the Hebrew equivalent of Gary Yourofsky’s lecture “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”.

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear-Gary Yourofsky Video

In September 2020, ‘Vegan-Friendly’ was brought to the Israeli attention, full-on power, when they launched a commercial called “Fresh Fresh”. It is the first commercial ever that promoted veganism in prime time. Fresh Fresh was broadcasted just before the season finale winner announcement of the reality show “Survivor” (Israel) and received over 10 million views on TV.

'Fresh-Fresh' Commercial Video

The impact of this advertisement was immense and exciting. 1 in 3 people in Israel was exposed to this commercial, which led to tens of thousands of people all over the world wanting to switch to veganism. Thanks to the Vegan-Friendly Organization and the important projects they implement, veganism in Israel is gaining significant recognition and succeeding in being accessible in a variety of food chains and restaurants.

The 10 Million Lecture | הרצאת ה-10 מיליון | English Russian & Arabic Subtitles

The 10-million lecture is a significant project by Omri Paz, founder of the Vegan-Friendly Organization. Within two months it has already gained close to 2 million views on YouTube as well as lots of comments and likes. It lasts about 38 minutes, it’s in Hebrew (you can watch with subtitles), and it brings us all the reasons of why to choose a vegan diet and how this process of switching to a vegan diet will positively affect our lifestyle in terms of the environment, agriculture, health, and the most important reason, in my opinion, is animal liberation.

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